I have no interest in signing up to the new LJ terms of service. I am also 'chess' on DreamWidth. It's not like I post much but fic exchange letters any more anyway (although I keep intending to do compilation posts from FB some time when I have infinite free time).

If we're mutual friends on LJ and you can be tempted over, I'd appreciate it - I want to switch over to reading my DW page, because LJ already won't let me comment without agreeing to the new ToS and I don't know how long it will be until I also can't log in.

The DW importer is incredibly easy to use (even with such a long journal backlog as mine was) and you can automatically crosspost back to LJ (which is how I posted this).
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( Dec. 30th, 2016 01:37 pm)
I didn't do an end of year meme for the end of 2014 or 2015, but was reminded they exist and thought of doing it again. Like the last one I did for the end of 2013 it is... not uniformly positive. Looking back at that one it is slightly weird how things book-end.

long meme is long )
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( Sep. 30th, 2016 06:55 pm)
It's Yuletide signups time again!

General stuff:

I am pretty easy to please in any of these fandoms. I am generally more keen on worldbuilding / background details / plot than relationship stuff, and not particularly interested in transplantation AUs (e.g. coffee shop), but otherwise just go for it! I do not have any DNWs and I enjoy dark stuff if that's what you want to write.

My requests this year:

As Simple As Hunger - D Des Anges


I have loved this universe ever since I read the first scraps of it on the author's LiveJournal and hoped one day there would be more. I just want some more intriguing glimpses of the world! Show me some more of the characters' run-ins with the divinatory establishment, more of the weird and wonderful ways that the arthropods organise themselves, what happens next - or what happened to set the characters up in the places we see them take the stage at the start...

I am up for canon-divergence AUs (e.g. what if Benjon had been returned in working order? what if El Alacrán somehow returned?) but not different-universe AUs as the universe is my major love here.

The Culture - Iain M Banks

GCU Grey Area, GOU Falling Outside The Normal Moral Constraints

First off - please feel free to take this as an 'or' rather than an 'and' request.

I have had some awesome stories out of this request in the past, so I can't resist making it again. I feel there should be as much fic exploring the edge cases and limits of the Culture's 'benevolent' Mind overlords as possible.

Literally any snippet featuring these characters will make my Yuletide, but if you would like some more guidance, I am very interested in the relationships between ships, ships' mobiles, drones, and their biological crew - how these beings of widely ranging processing power nevertheless relate to each other and treat each other as important, useful parts of the whole society - while not necessarily respecting each other in the way that they thought they wanted to be respected, but almost always respecting each other in some important way.

Changeling: The Lost


Tell me about your character! No, really - tell me about your character - or the character you've always wanted to play in this setting but never got a chance to actually run them. Tell me where they came from, what happened to them, how they got free, whether they're sure that they are free or whether they are just waiting to be reeled back in, what they're doing with it / about it...

I just think there are so many fascinating characters that can exist within this setting and I'd love to hear about yours.
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( Jan. 1st, 2015 03:14 pm)
First up - go and read the ridiculously awesome gift I got. It is Culture fic which has made me very hopeful that people will be able to continue to write stuff in the Culture universe, because it is pitch-perfect and contains all the things I like about Culture stories:


Done that? Good, so here is the rubbish that I managed to write. I was hideously ill for most of the Yuletide writing season this year, so I have been way less prolific than usual and the results are rather shorter, but this is what I did manage to put out.

My actual assignment, a songfic to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYUwIzjg7rs with the request to do something new with it rather than follow the obvious reference; I think this one turned out okay, although I'd have liked to make it a bit longer if I'd had the energy:


The one straight-up treat that I wrote, because @worstmuse on Twitter had me giggling for some time when I was perusing the fandom lists and I was itching to use it as a series of terrible writing prompts:


The first pinch-hit I picked up because I was kind of missing my usual habit of getting to read a book and write fic to it, and it was posted to the list a few times before I gave in; I sourced The Lastborn of Elvinwood for review from https://openlibrary.org/books/OL4557372M/The_lastborn_of_Elvinwood and the novel itself comes highly recommended if you like very English fantasy like the early parts of The Dark Is Rising.

I feel slightly bad about writing something very derivative and obvious, and kind of feel like I should have picked one of the request prompts (I initially planned to do something with 'what are the Vicar's origins?') but I didn't have the energy to develop my own plot to my satisfaction, so this is an interstitial piece (which you shouldn't even _open_ before the book, because even the tags are spoilers):


The second pinch-hit I acquired was because I couldn't believe no-one was picking it up - I have a strict policy of not picking up pinch-hits unless they've been returned to the list, and here was one with a prompt I'd already stuck on my Potential Treats list under 'easy fandoms to pick up'. (Okay, so the heading in my document is actually 'Crack'.) So, without further ado - sex geckos in space:

I've been a bit remiss in Yuletide-posting this year; I got a lovely gift about Mo from the Laundry Files and how she comes to terms with that seriously creepy violin:

Violins at Work

Alas, it looks like my Mystery Author hasn't written that much else - although I still have a pile of other reading from the rest of the archive...

Despite being out for the entire month of December in NZ, I also managed to write some stuff and I waffle about it at length in the rest of this post )
I find Empire kind of weird, to be honest.

I'm pretty sure I'm having fun - although probably due to having hoovered up an exciting Imperial position (General of the Red Wind Corsairs). But it's the first LARP in which I've had fun without actually really having a _character_. Yasmina is blatantly just me in a silly dress; if I concentrate I can fetch very slightly divergent thought processes, but we share a lot more of our basic circuitry than most characters I've had fun with in the past.

I think part of that is because I'm so involved in fairly high-powered politics in the game - I keep having to activate all of my problem-solving and organisational abilities, which naturally makes me act a lot more like me than like someone else.

I also feel kind of bad that I've ended up with a lot of my out-of-nation contacts being people I know OC - but I know so many people OC from Maelstrom that I guess it would be difficult for anything else to happen at this stage...

Had some excellent 'remind people orcs are a speaking part' moments monstering the second battle though - particularly the one-on-one in the woods with some guy, where he went to execute me and I told him his people would find no mercy either, and he said "this is my mercy" before smashing my head in :-). Honourable mention to the orc who came up to me with a spear and asked "Can you use this?" after they'd lost an arm; I said "yes I can," we swapped weapons, and I immediately went down to an arrow, with the sorrowful follow-up of "maybe not, then".

Also, bizarre purple digging creatures with a specific hunting pattern, ++ would be hunted through the woods by again...

I would try to go through highlights as I know I always love to be mentioned in them but I am paranoid that someone will go 'but she didn't mention me! she must have not noticed / secretly think I'm rubbish' when it's just that I am totally exhausted and my brain is full!


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