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Finally Perfected The Mind Control Lasers

(in other news, two-week colds are misery, am in this awkward mood where I feel like I am too awesome for the rest of the world to deserve me but also am a terrible human being for not Achieving My Full Potential and this is distinctly not helped by the crushing headache I get every time I try to concentrate on anything...)
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If those were my options I'd totally give it to a friend, but tbh I'd rather give it to an enemy.

I have no desire to relive childhood, I don't think it could possibly have been made any more pleasant for me but it wasn't something I would voluntarily go back to without some excellent reason, and I don't think I would do any better next time.

If they get a parent swap there are some friends I would happily hand it out to, but if it's just a do-over in general I'd rather give it to someone I didn't like - after all, they might turn out better next time!

(hi guys, it is Procrastination O'Clock here, where I bury my head in the sand and try not to do anything worthwhile for a month or so in order to recharge - I am still available for doing minor useful things but given I now have three Possible Major Projects that people are failing to get back to me about, I don't have any Major Planning Space or amazing reserves of cope right now)


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