Have spent a while today getting CD ripping working; using a console program called 'jack' to do it, because that's the least fuss, but spent quite a while tracking down an obscure error code through several man pages until I found that it was a problem with the ogg-vorbis package not updating because it needed to zot a couple of useless things (midi player, jukebox thing) which I randomly had installed in order to be able to install the latest version of a library.

I was inspired to write this after noticing that it has merrily mis-labelled everything on the Cure album 'Wish' as being by the artist Wish on the album Cure. I wonder if it's actually a freedb problem, or whether the program just got confused and fell over for no apparent reason. Unfortunately I only wonder idly so it probably shan't get fixed.

Talking of things which need fixing, I still need to whine at maintainance about my lightswitch. And work out what's up with Synaptic: some time ago I yanked mozilla-firefox out of experimental because I was bored waiting for them to update my bug-ridden 0.96 to the release version in unstable, and now synaptic has it as 'locked' and I can't unlock the thing (it will unlock just fine but next time I load it up, locked again) - apt works just fine on its own and admits to no pinning of mozilla-firefox (which I'm now getting out of unstable again because they got around to sorting it out). I tried googling on the problem but nothing useful was forthcoming; synaptic doesn't have a proper bug-reporting thing, just a developer list, who I feel probably oughtn't be bothered with it as it's probably something daft I did.


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