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This is for - signups open until 2nd March!

In general:

I don't have any particular squicks or triggers (yes, really). I'm not so keen on AU stuff (point-of-divergence AUs are great, everyone-works-in-a-coffee-shop not so much) or total fluffy no-problems curtainfic. I think that's about it?

These are mostly copied and pasted from the other details section, but here in case you want everything in one place:

Dragonriders of Pern:

Characters: Torene, Moreta

For Moreta: any vignette from Moreta's early life - I'm a sucker for Search and Impression stories. Or: how does her era differ from the other eras of Pern we see, and how does that affect her weyrlinghood and coming into her weyrwoman position?

For Torene: how does the world change around Torene as she grows into her position, and how does she adapt (or not) to that? How does she change the world in her turn - does she try to hold back the tide anywhere, and does she succeed or fail?

The Hunger Games:

Characters: Cashmere, Wiress

For Cashmere: What were her Games like? Her training? What is it like to grow up in District 1? What about her Victory Tour - what's a District 1 Victory Tour like? Or if you want something closer to the time when we see her: what was the District 1 reaping for the 75th Games like? What goes through her head as she is dying?

For Wiress: How did she win her Games? What's District 3 like to live in, to be reaped in? How did she meet Beetee, and how did they cope (or not) with their status as Winners together? How does District 3 treat its winners - what's life like in their Victors' Village?

Oryx and Crake:

Characters: Oryx, Sharon

For Oryx: I <3 Oryx's perspective on the world - the way that she refuses to buy in to Jimmy's simplified outrage. Anything that exhibits that perspective would be great - for instance, I'd love to see her talking to Crake - or any other characters, although I'm not sure who else she would open up to - about her past.

For Sharon: I just want anything from her point of view - we see a lot of her from various uncomprehending or cynical points of view, but what's it like to live that story? If you want something more specific, what's it like to run away from everything you know? Or, what was it for her that really began her political awakening?


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