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It's Yuletide signups time again!

General stuff:

I am pretty easy to please in any of these fandoms. I am generally more keen on worldbuilding / background details / plot than relationship stuff, and not particularly interested in transplantation AUs (e.g. coffee shop), but otherwise just go for it! I do not have any DNWs and I enjoy dark stuff if that's what you want to write.

My requests this year:

As Simple As Hunger - D Des Anges


I have loved this universe ever since I read the first scraps of it on the author's LiveJournal and hoped one day there would be more. I just want some more intriguing glimpses of the world! Show me some more of the characters' run-ins with the divinatory establishment, more of the weird and wonderful ways that the arthropods organise themselves, what happens next - or what happened to set the characters up in the places we see them take the stage at the start...

I am up for canon-divergence AUs (e.g. what if Benjon had been returned in working order? what if El Alacrán somehow returned?) but not different-universe AUs as the universe is my major love here.

The Culture - Iain M Banks

GCU Grey Area, GOU Falling Outside The Normal Moral Constraints

First off - please feel free to take this as an 'or' rather than an 'and' request.

I have had some awesome stories out of this request in the past, so I can't resist making it again. I feel there should be as much fic exploring the edge cases and limits of the Culture's 'benevolent' Mind overlords as possible.

Literally any snippet featuring these characters will make my Yuletide, but if you would like some more guidance, I am very interested in the relationships between ships, ships' mobiles, drones, and their biological crew - how these beings of widely ranging processing power nevertheless relate to each other and treat each other as important, useful parts of the whole society - while not necessarily respecting each other in the way that they thought they wanted to be respected, but almost always respecting each other in some important way.

Changeling: The Lost


Tell me about your character! No, really - tell me about your character - or the character you've always wanted to play in this setting but never got a chance to actually run them. Tell me where they came from, what happened to them, how they got free, whether they're sure that they are free or whether they are just waiting to be reeled back in, what they're doing with it / about it...

I just think there are so many fascinating characters that can exist within this setting and I'd love to hear about yours.
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