In general:

I don't have any particular squicks or triggers - in fact I'm often quite keen on terrible things happening to characters ;-). I'm not so keen on AU stuff or total fluffy no-problems curtainfic. I like pretty much all varieties of fic - I've only nominated single characters, but feel free to pair them up with whoever you want to pair them up with if that's your thing :-).

These are mostly copied and pasted from the other details section, but here in case you want everything in one place:

Chronicles of Narnia:

Characters: Jadis

Anything that explores her actions and motivations - or just shows her being glorious :-). I am a sucker for Charn fic and all kinds of darkfic, but not really into AU or redemption arcs, although complex motivations and thinking she's on the side of good as she defines that are all great.


Characters: Inara Serra

I'm fascinated by Inara's backstory and by the concept of the Companions and their Guild Houses and training. If you're not into writing backstory, showing how that training influences and affects her life is also great!

Deep Space Nine:

Characters: Kira Nerys

I can't get enough Bajor-during-the-Occupation fic - anything you write in that time period will be appreciated :-). If you're not interested in writing pre-DS9 fic, something that shows how that time affected her is also good...


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