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ETA: I'm 'Kastaka' on AO3 - if you're my assigned writer you probably know this, but I was told some people were sad that letters didn't contain AO3 names and mine definitely doesn't match up, so I thought I'd put it in here!

In general:

I don't have any particular squicks or triggers - in fact I'm often quite keen on terrible things happening to characters ;-). I'm not so keen on AU stuff or total fluffy no-problems curtainfic. I like pretty much all varieties of fic, although I'm mostly not looking for PwP porn in these fandoms - sex in the course of character development or plot is fine though :).

The following summaries are totally just copied and pasted from the other details section:

Laundry - Charles Stross:

Characters: Dominique "Mo" O'Brien

Got an idea for a story in which Mo is awesome? Great, go and write that :-). If you need more inspiration - I am totally up for book events rewritten from her PoV, incidents from her specialist training, case fic, at home trying to recover from a mission... I just want to see her as a main character in her own right, as while the books do a pretty good job, they're still fundamentally about Bob, not about her :).

The Culture - Iain M. Banks:

Characters: Demeisen | GOU Falling Outside The Normal Moral Constraints

I <3 Demeisen - his casual offhand remarks, his entirely justified superiority complex, all the ways that being an Offensive Unit make a Mind slightly off-kilter in the mostly peace-loving Culture. I want to see what else he does - before or after Surface Detail! If you're looking for more inspiration - what happens in the future of Surface Detail when technology has moved on and it's time to transfer 'bodies' or be regraded? Was there some particular incident of Contact restraint in the past that gave Demeisen his poor opinion of them?

Millennium Trilogy - Stieg Larsson:

Characters: Erika Berger

I really want to see more of Erika - how things play out between her and Monica Figuerola, or how she got involved with Mikael in the first place, or what the magazine team get up to next... there are just so many angles left unexplored here :-). I'm happy with whatever extrapolation of the tangled relationships that the trilogy leaves us with that you want to explore - there are a lot of different ways it could go.

Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey:

Characters: AIVAS

A lot of Pern fanfic seems to want to sideline or ignore AIVAS, which I've always found rather a pity as I find AIVAS such a fascinating character - and the effects of the knowledge brought to Pern by AIVAS are fascinating too. I'd love to see more of the Crafters interacting with AIVAS; how they cope with the revelations, how AIVAS teaches them, what it's like to be a journeyman assigned to Landing... Or maybe a piece from AIVAS' own point of view?