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This is for if you're interested - signups open until 7th Jan!

In general:

I don't have any particular squicks or triggers - in fact I'm often quite keen on terrible things :-). I'm not so keen on AU stuff, straight up PWP, or fuzzy no-problems romantic curtainfic.

These are mostly copied and pasted from the other details section, but here in case you want everything in one place:

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Relationship: Drax the Destroyer / Gamora

I am totally happy with whichever bit you want to write, but I am especially interested in how Drax goes about either initiating or dealing with someone attempting to initiate romance (or just sex). If you want more ideas, I'm also interested in some kind of scene where Starlord finds out about Drax and Gamora and is confused / aroused / initially jealous until Gamora reminds him that would be a terrible double standard . asks if they would be interested in a reprise with one extra...

Dragon Age

Relationship: Cole / Iron Bull

Cole and Iron Bull both like to fix people, from Iron Bull's description of his sexual adventures with the serving girls. Cole has trouble with his personal boundaries at the best of times and Iron Bull gets off on breaking down personal boundaries. Iron Bull is suspicious of magic stuff but Cole is a possibly invaluable source of intel on everyone around him - but also a terrible security risk for the Bull himself. How does some of that play out? Can they get past their conditioning / dissociation to see each other as people, rather than a thing to be fixed or a means to an end?

Mass Effect

Relationship: Joker / EDI

This is, uh, the exception to not wanting curtainfic - I am totally good with Joker/EDI curtainfic because I think them just navigating everyday life together is fascinating :-). Other possible themes: I am also down with PWP in this fandom; while EDI has a body she's also the whole ship, how does Joker get on with essentially living _inside_ his girlfriend? Or on a less philosophical note, how does EDI use 'being the ship' in sex as well as being her kickass robot body?