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Michelle Taylor ([personal profile] chess) wrote2014-01-01 03:22 pm

In more cheerful news, Yuletide reveals

I've been a bit remiss in Yuletide-posting this year; I got a lovely gift about Mo from the Laundry Files and how she comes to terms with that seriously creepy violin:

Violins at Work

Alas, it looks like my Mystery Author hasn't written that much else - although I still have a pile of other reading from the rest of the archive...

Despite being out for the entire month of December in NZ, I also managed to write some stuff , although much less of it got beta-read than usual as it was all a bit last-minute, and I didn't get to do any beta-ing myself (usually one of my favourite bits of YT :) ):

A Separate Peace - John Knowles (my assignment match):

Harder To Salvage was the 'emergency backup fic' I wrote when I was worried I wouldn't finish my main assignment fic and/or it would go down like a lead balloon - it's just over 1k of Gene/Finny UST, which I was pretty sure would work.

A Space Peace is the larger fic that I wasn't convinced about - it's literally a translation of the book's text into a Space AU. My recipient did ask for a Space AU, but I felt that being that close to the text was kind of 'cheating', hence writing the other fic too; it seems to have been unexpectedly popular, though, so I'm glad I didn't get cold feet and that I found a place to end it gracefully when I realised I wasn't going to get through the whole book :-).

I actually posted the longer fic from NZ just before we left to get on a plane home, because I'd not had the time to actually incorporate my beta feedback before I left...

15 Ways To Stay Alive - Daphne Gottleib (poem):

She Knows There Are Other Languages - When I read this poem I knew I had to write something for it. It came out in the slightly odd style that I used to use for writing Amaranth fic, but it seems to have worked. It also has, uh, a hidden easter egg that I'm too embarrassed to mention now that people have liked it - but bonus points for working out what :-).

The Sims (Video Games):

Sorry For The Convenience - I almost didn't post this because it's literally a playthrough fic and basically cuts off at the point I ran out of time to play, but I'm glad I decided to bite the bullet and put it up in the end, as the requester and some other people seem to have liked it!

The Witch's Son - auroaronkitten:

The Wings Of Freedom is essentially a thankyou and apology to my poor beta-reader for A Space Peace, whose feedback I only took in a couple of places rather than making more extensive revisions because I was too worn out to contemplate them.

I finished writing this on the plane and posted this in Dubai on the way back from NZ.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion:

Dances-Like-Bear was written entirely in airports and on the plane from NZ; I also posted this while in Dubai airport. (Did I mention how much I love my keyboardphone recently?) I felt sorry for this PH that had been batted around a few times when I was looking through PH emails for something to do on the plane, which is where this one spawned from.