I wrote, um, quite a few things this Yuletide:

Endless Duty, my actual assignment, which ended up shorter than I would have liked, but I kind of ran out of things to say. It's essentially some fluff based on a quirky little SF / Romance crossover book called Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair, which I don't expect many people have read...

On the Field of Ingarn, my first pinch hit, which is possibly my personal favourite out of the things I wrote this time round. It won't mean much to you unless you've read Till We Have Faces by CS Lewis, on which it is based, and the style of which I tried to copy pretty exactly - but if you have, it goes into some detail on the whole Orual-rides-to-battle thing that CS Lewis basically skipped straight over.

And Stamp On The Pieces, my second pinch hit, which is the first piece of fanfiction I've done actual research (rather than just re-reading canon a lot) for! It's set post-canon in the Millennium Trilogy (the one that starts with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) - I basically took the tiny handful of things we knew about the supposed next book and started writing something based on the location we know is featured.

The Angel Of Compassion is a treat for a Leonard Cohen song (this time it's 'Closing Time'), given that the one I did last year worked well I thought I'd give it another go :-). This one is, uh, slightly weirder and more plotty than the last.

Guest of Honour is a treat modern-language retelling of the deuterocanonical Book of Judith with, uh, a few slightly divergent elements :-).

Tracks; River; Hope is a rather odd little treat that I did for a music video (Bronte by Gotye). It's a bit stylised and possibly disturbing in places, but I couldn't resist writing something after watching the video.

Wind In Her Hair; Blood On Her Claws is blatantly about my one-session Changeling: The Lost LARP character. I'm sorry, okay :-) I couldn't resist after I saw that it fit the prompt pretty much exactly.

Unthinkable is a depressing little Dragonriders of Pern story that appears to have become my runaway success story this Yuletide (well, it got recced a couple of times and got up to two pages of comments before replies, anwyay). Extra bonus trigger warning in additional tags.

And, not written for Yuletide but another holiday exchange, Blasters and Wands:
It's Never Over, about Finnick Odair's life and death in the Hunger Games trilogy.

I also wrote something for the 3 Ships exchange, but reveals on that are later :-).
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( Jan. 2nd, 2013 11:48 pm)
I've looked a couple of end-of-year-meme things, but I'm not sure I can actually fill them in.

It seems weird that the Occupy London camp happened over a year ago now.

In 2012 everything changed and nothing changed.

I got 'promoted' to project manager (although everyone still keeps falling over themselves to tell me that project manager is totally a sideways move from technical, not an upwards one).

I did a lot of arguing on the internet about politics, but everything has just steadily got worse to the point where it's depressing to even touch the subject; especially as everyone seems to want to blame the people who are trying to make it better for not succeeding in making it better _enough_.

(I guess at least the US managed to choose the lesser of two evils, but I can understand the position expressed by the World Can't Wait newsletter, when they said that in some ways it's a pity the US is just going to stumble on being awful rather than go over the edge into truly dystopian, at which point people might have mobilised and done something about it.)

The global economy staggered on rather than collapsing. Greece is still in the Euro and still hasn't officially defaulted. Egypt still doesn't have a functioning democratic government but hasn't collapsed into apathy under a new dictator or military rule. Syria is still tearing itself apart.

Maelstrom's over; I've stuck up my battle reports on a webpage; we still haven't got the rest of the data available sensibly; I'm less upset about this than I expected to be. I guess this is why those other games I wanted to know about also had a frustrating lack of final revelations available for public consumption. Maybe I'll get around to it when PD Towers is less impenetrably busy with the Empire release.

I am still not sure if anyone will ask me to be Empire crew or not, but to be honest I've pretty much made my peace with 'not' by now. Maybe I'll change my mind if I'm offered something really awesome to do, but I'm just not sure I want to invest that much energy in a game again.

Especially as I'm not sure whether I will be up to the running around bit of LARP at all. I seem to have developed some kind of exciting jointfail in the last months of 2012, and tomorrow I finally get to phone the secretary that can apparently chase the appointment I should have got some time in the last month about seeing a specialist about it. Meanwhile, moving hurts and I've been trying to do it as little as possible.

And the person whose leaving on maternity meant that I ended up as a project manager is due back Sometime Soon - the latest update looks like 'early March'.

I still have no idea what happens then.

So, that's my life at the moment - for the first time in some years, I'm really not sure what the next year is going to look like.


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